This is me.

This blog is a bit of a New Year’s resolution. (And yes, I know it’s July. Better late than never, am I right?)

In December, I left a great city, a great job, a great church, great friends and a great community. In January, I married a way-better-than-great man, and moved to a new city. I started looking for a new job, a new church, new friends and new community. I’m blessed to have found what I was looking for.

And now, I’m building on it.

My profession? I call myself a communicator. A writer, a networker, a marketer, a semi-pro friend. I spend half my time at a fantastic little art museum, doing membership, fundraising, PR and anything I can get my hands on.

With the other half of my time . . . well, I do a little bit of everything. In the past seven months, I’ve written website copy for small businesses, volunteered at a community center, written press releases, coached people on their careers (especially their resumes), edited students’ college admissions essays, volunteered with my church and much more. My business tagline is “inspiration-driven communications.” Really, I just do a lot of things I love.

I’m on a bit of a journey these days. I’m on a journey not just to find a purpose, but to live it out. Not to just to learn, but to put what I’m learning into action. Not just to create art, but to find the beauty in it. Not just to identify community, but to serve it and grow it. Not just to create, but to relish in what is created. So maybe I’m on a mission to live an inspiration-driven life.


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